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Understanding the issues surrounding working parents can be overwhelming, even for working parents themselves. There are a lot of factors and challenges unique to each family and working environment. 

However, the challenges remain and are growing in recent years. This is why working parents need advocates that can support them in a professional capacity.

The impact that a well-trained advocate can have is exponential and can lead to improving the overall well-being and work performance of staff and working relationships among teams with working parents.

As we explore the realities these individuals face, we also reimagine the possibilities for what the work environment and effective working parent engagement can be. The benefits are meaningful, tangible, and accessible when it comes to developing strategies and interventions that work.

As a participant in this free introductory training, you will benefit from learning what the data says about working parents, their unique challenges, the cost benefits of engaging in working parent advocacy, and steps toward being an agent of transformation in your organization.

Meet Kelly M.

As a working parent myself I appreciate the work that Kelly McGinnis and Ryan Darby do from the Incredible Parent organization in the Working Parent Institute. I recently partnered with them on a webinar to add value to my human resources clients and how their program can support the well-being of employees. Kelly and Ryan are so knowledgeable in the well-being space and were able to educate my clients on what working parents are asking for and needing for them to show up at their best during the workday. They bring great data and analytics behind what they share and give great resources to support human resources departments.
I would highly recommend working with Kelly and Ryan if you are looking to support your working parents within your organization.
Kelly Merbler- Principal of The Kelly Merbler Company

Josephine H.

Dr. Ryan Darby and his team held an Incredible Family program at Schwab in 2021. The program was well organized and well received. Ryan has been attentive to the needs of our firm and willing to remain flexible with program options.

Patricia M.

Above Excellent

Michelle T.

Having a coach has been heaven sent! I love these webinar series, too. You all are SO impactful! Please keep up the great work!!

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