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Parenting is easy, said NO ONE EVER! Working Parents are faced with daily decisions that demand courage and bravery. They want to be role models for their children, give them access to things they didn't have, and help them grow up to be successful humans. In that quest to integrate work and home, they struggle. Parents feel guilty, left out, misunderstood, and tired and ask, "Am I failing?"

What IF parents could SHINE?

Incredible Family has created the Working Parent Institute and offers unique solutions to help working parents shine both at work AND at home. We educate, encourage, and empower parents to develop their positive well-being and parenting strengths through a variety of services including webinars, 1-1 coaching, coaching cafe's, and more. Parents learn how to be INCREDIBLE at home and at work as well as support other working parents within the organization. Furthermore, company's can earn a Working Parent Designation to add value and gain/retain highly skilled employees.

Here's what one HR Director had to say , " It has been so heartwarming and reassuring to know that the challenges I face as a parent and spouse are similar to many families. I had no clue what I would talk about or how the conversation would flow. It’s been so fun and easy to navigate this process with you, your coaching style is encouraging and pushes me to try different techniques in the way I approach different aspects with parenting. I share your name with other colleagues facing similar challenges because I want everyone to be able to utilize this great resource."

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We are a group of passionate and fun professionals eager to share our knowledge, wisdom, and passion for working parents.

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