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Level up your leadership and HR skills

Organizational Advocacy Skills

Learn to create lasting organizational change that supports, uplifts, and promotes the well-being of working moms and dads.

One-to-One Advocacy Skills

Learn to support working moms and dads on an individual basis using strengths-based development

Community / ERG Skills

Learn to build workplace communities in which every working mom and dad is included and supported

Why Working Parent Advocacy is Important for Your Organization

Employers are dealing with problems which impact the organizations missions and business outcomes.


Employee Turnover:  Due to work-parent conflicts, especially for working moms, exhaustion and frustration with office politics and returning to work policies with inflexible hours are harming working moms and dads.

Attraction: Organizations are unable to attract working parents. Mom are often particularly skilled because they have expertise and great problem solving skills, but they don't want to sacrifice family.

Lacking Diversity:  Work groups, especially among managers and leaders, lack women because of they do not feel confident in their abilities or are perceived as not prepared to progress in career because of competing priorities.

Employee Burnout: Many working parents are stretched too thin, overcompensating from combined jobs, disconnected in meetings, and have lost their joy in their work and in parenting.

Remote Working: Challenges in prioritizing work over personal life and being tired of regularly missing out.


Leaders Who Create Change: There is value in who you are and you have what it takes to BE the change they want to see in their organization.

HR That Supports: Challenge the old way of doing HR and writing a new playbook. The new way of HR is connection based vs. old way of HR (fear, authority, rules).

Building An Organization that Cares: As an HR leader, one of your primary responsibilities is to build trust within your organization. Without trust nothing else will happen. 

Become a Great Place to Work: Through working parent advocacy you will learn to build safety, trust and cooperation within your organization

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They Need Your Voice

Working parents, especially working moms, are burning out, passing up on promotions, and leaving the workforce at record rates. 

2 out of 3 working parents are feeling "burned out."

A close look at the Great Resignation shows that a large percentate of those leaving the workforce were working moms. Nearly 2 million working moms left the workforce because organizations could not adequately support them and their family needs. 

They need strong voices like yours to stand up for them. 

This is why we created the Working Parent Advocate program. 

This program is designed for leaders, coaches, and HR professionals who recognized the injustice and struggles of working moms and dads, and feel the need to stand with them. 

If you want to make the workplace more equitable and inclusive for working moms and dads, the Advocacy certification might be right for you. 

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Working Mom, supported by an advocate

Every coaching cafe's like a therapy session for me! I'm so grateful to know that I'm not alone with my struggles as a working parent!

Client, Company Representative

The program was well organized and well received. Working Parent Institute has been attentive to the needs of our firm and willing to remain flexible with program options.

Michelle T., Client Company Staffer

Yes! Having a 34 Strong coach has been heaven sent! I love these webinar series, too. You all are SO impactful! Please keep up the great work!!

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Working Parent Advocate Certification


2-Day Training

  • Working Parent Advocate Certification logo, email signature, and Linkedin badge
  • 12 PDC SHRM Credits
  • Access to digital library
  • One year of monthly Learn and Lunch topics and facilitator guides
  • One year free access to the WPI community, including WPI community events and retreats
  • Two personal coaching sessions with Certified Parent Strengths Coach
  • Organizational Strategy session with WPI consultant

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