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All Working Parent Institute coaches are certified Family or Parent Strengths coaches.

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  • Caring -- they will be your partners and biggest cheerleaders as they help you navigate the stresses and challenges of parenting. 
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Story about Success

Working Mom of 7-year-old and twin 4 year olds. During the first session this mom reported feeling high levels of anxiety and anger, hopelessness, and overwhelmed. Reluctantly she went through the course and spent some time understanding conflicting agendas. She walked away with some great observations around how her goals and her kids goals were in opposition. She also had a better understanding of parent and child strengths. Her strengths of fortitude and advisor were contributing to the conflict and with a few small changes she was able to connect with less conflict.  She also applied some of the daily habits to make the bedtime routine more smooth including working with her older child to help get the twins to bed so she had time to read and mom had time to rest.  With the help of a coach, she set some personal goals, defined her priorities, and committed to spend 10 minutes picking up at the end of each day. She was willing to get rid of the pain of conflict and try something new.  At the completion of the program she was thrilled with the progress. “I didn’t believe it would be this impactful but I felt energized at home and much less stressed at work. The awareness that I gained was priceless and now I have the strength-based strategies to continue to meet my goal of being an engaged parent with a strong connection with my kids.“

Angela Z.

Learning about how Thinker Children thrive and how to communicate with a Thinker Child paid off this morning. My seven year old Thinker child woke up this morning with a white pimple on his cheek. He did not want to go to school because he was afraid that his peers would make fun of him. I remembered our conversation yesterday about ways to connect with a Thinker Child. Instead of me telling him about how boring it would be to stay home from school, I asked my son what the day would look like if he did not go to school. He talked through it, and I could see a light bulb go off. Five minutes later, pimple was removed and he was getting dressed for school. Dramatic morning averted, and everyone walked out the door happy :)
Thank you!

Micha C.

With all the "parenting" information out there, I rely on you because I know I can trust you to be an expert!

Sarah D.

Being new parents, the changes we experiences really put a strain on my marriage. I really needed this support for my marriage as much as I needed it as a parent.

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