Zest Parenting Strategies

tips videos Jul 11, 2022

Good morning everyone. I am coming to you with some Working Parent Wisdom today.

I was getting my hair done a couple of days ago and my hairdresser and I were having a conversation about vacation and experiences. I wanted to connect that conversation directly to our parenting strength we are focusing on this month which is the Zest parenting strength. So, if you are a parent that has Zest high in your strengths profile. We've talked a little about your motivates. Today I want to talk with you about strategies that work really well for a Zest parent.

One of those is making experiences a priority. So, prioritizing memories over acquiring things and the stuff that builds up. And so, we were having this conversation that we can remember back when we were little and the vacations, the memories from the vacations are priceless. So, a Zest parent really leans in and leverages that and they do some planning around experiences.

What are some great experiences that you can plan for your child this summer? It might be local, a vacation, a fun connection, hospitality opening your home and having people over. All of these are strategies that alight really well with the Zest parenting strength.

So, encourage that creativity. Experiment with different things. Remember that Zest parents love to play, to laugh, to smile every single day.

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