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tips videos Jul 04, 2022

Happy Tuesday!

I am here to bring you some Working Parent Wisdom. And we are going to be talking about Zest parenting strength. For those of you who have never heard of this you are in the right place. We're going to unpack what does it mean to be a Zest parent. I'm going to start with a great example. I was watching a video of this parent. It was a dad and he was at a football game watching his daughter cheerlead. And they started to do a special cheer and this dad jumped out of his seat and started to do the cheer with the whole cheer team. He was excited and he had so much enthusiasm. He just thought it was the best thing ever. That is a great example of what it means to be a Zest parent. So, if you have this parenting strength on the top of your profile you'll want to know that there is some motivation behind this. So, parents that have this strength are highly motivated by pleasure and excitement. They are really, when they are passionate about something, it is exciting to them. And these parents also absolutely love their kids. They're passionate about parenting. And so when we understand out strengths we are able to align them for great purposes.

So a couple of questions I might ask you if you are a Zest parent is

What excites you? What are those things that will make you jump out of your seat and you're just super excited about? Is parenting one of those for you? You might be a Zest Parent

What excites your kids and how can you come along side them and support them. You as a Zest parent get a front row seat to their life and that should be so fulfilling for you. So, we're going to continue to unpack what it means to be a Zest parent, we're going to give you parenting strategies, so continue to tune in on these Working Parent Wisdoms so you can learn more about what it means to be a Zest parent. Thanks!

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