License Plate Bingo

tips Jul 13, 2022
Cars in traffic represent a great time to play license plate bingo
  1. Make your BINGO Board
    Take a piece of tag board or cut up a cardboard box. Draw 5 columns across and 5 columns down
    Allow your kids to choose states to fill their bingo card. They can write it in, cut and paste, or you can purchase stickers with the license plates like the one I have attached. Don't forget the FREE SPACE.
  2. During the long car trip kids look for license plates that are on their Bingo card. The goal is to get 5 in a row either horizontal, vertical, or diagonal.
  3. Child says BINGO when they have completed 5 in row and earn a special treat. 

Bonus: For older kids play until someone gets a black out. Fills the entire card.

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