Flashlight Tag

tips videos Jul 06, 2022

Here is a great activity for the summer called Flashlight Tag.

All you need is

  • kids
  • a flashlight
  • a dark space

It's just like hide and seek. The person who is "it" has the flashlight and if a player gets the beam flashed on them they are then it!

Also, some encouragement around parenting for our working parents.

When you have a flashlight that isn't bright enough do you throw it away? Probably not. The majority of us replace the batteries. The same goes for us and our kids. Look really closely at what you need. Consider the following battery-type analogies for what might need to be replaced next time your or your kid's light starts to not shine very brightly.

  • AA - Attention and Affection
  • AAA - Attention, Affection, and Acceptance
  • C - Compassion
  • D - Direction

Just three times a year we offer a parenting webinar series. Don't miss your opportunity to join us.

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