Don’t Give Up

burnout capacity discipline grind guilt shame tips May 07, 2022

This has been a hard season but don’t give up!

As we clean up from the aftermath of Christmas and begin to put the chaos of 2020 behind us, and parents start to craft our new normal for the upcoming year, I wonder how many of us feel stuck and discouraged?

Parenting this year has been tough. We have had so many unexpected things come our way. It has taken a toll on us and our families.

  • Loss of a job due to state-wide stay at home orders
  • Online learning obstacles for our kids
  • Working from home challenges for parents
  • Way too much time on screens, social media, and video games
  • Decreased motivation
  • Quick tempers and increased conflict in the home
  • Cancelled vacations, getaways, activities, and sports
  • Not being able to visit or see “at-risk” family members

But here’s the truth: Parents can feel joy even in the midst of pain.


We can make the commitment, the choice, to stand up in the face of all the uncertainty and fear and show up for our family. You have everything it takes to be stronger and learn from this season.

Some of you have endured more than your fair share this year and might be wondering how I can even begin to relate.

The answer to that question is, while I have not experienced the journey you are on, I have experienced significant pain, loss, and hopelessness.  I can empathize with the feelings of loss, discouragement, shame, guilt, and failure.

I don’t have a crystal ball and can’t predict when things will get better but what I can tell you is that you have a choice. Right now, you can choose to stand up and take one tiny step. Complaining will not help things change. Your circumstances will not change unless you DO something different. Your family won’t change unless you create space for change. Parenting won’t get easier unless you put in the necessary effort in order to make it better.

Make the choice today to learn simple parenting habits that can change the outcome of this year for you and your family.

Kelly McGinnis, President
Working Parent Institute

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