Don’t skip the summer vacation!

anxiety depression guilt research stress vacation Jun 19, 2022
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July is one of the busiest travel months all year. Many families take their family vacations due to warmer weather and most kids being out of school.  The reality is that working parents are faced with a challenge during these summer months. How do I still complete my workload and incorporate fun and adventure into my child’s summer?

A recent study conducted of 2000 Americans revealed some alarming statistics:

79% struggle to get away on a vacation and end up not properly using their vacation allowance

37% feel guilty leaving unfinished work

48% check in on work even when on vacation

Having too much work was the top reason with most respondents feeling like their work had to take priority over a relaxing getaway.

We have all felt this way. This month Working Parent Institute will be leaning into how to manage the summer months.

There are two very important pieces to understand in these summer months,

  1. All parents have strengths.
    This month we are highlighting the Zest Parent Strength. One of the primary motivators of a parent with this strength is excitement.. These parents shine when planning new and fun experiences for the family. Adventure is a top priority. Summer is a great opportunity to leverage this strength and plan an adventure. Talk with you children about some things that are interesting to them.  Watch our quick Working Parent Wisdom videos to learn more fun ideas.
  2. Vacations needs to be a top priority.
    The research speaks for itself. Vacations reduce the likelihood of depression and anxiety, decrease your risk of heart disease, increase your happiness levels, and enhance creativity and problem-solving skills. (

If that wasn’t enough, vacations bring families closer together. A recent study by Expedia showed that 53% of people surveyed felt closer and more connected to their family after a vacation. Vacations can help people relax and a relaxed body helps create secure attachment. Parents are not stressed with the constant demands of work and are able to stop living in fight or flight mode and really engage with their kids.

The next time you think about skipping a vacation because you have too much to do, remember the positive effects of taking a vacation and relaxing as well as connecting with your family. We don’t want you to burnout. Use your parenting strengths to approach summer with excitement and energy.  

Additional helpful research article:

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