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growth mindset overwhelm perspective stories vacation May 09, 2022
Two wedding band rings

Matt and I were taking off on a short little getaway to celebrate our anniversary.

I had a realization looking out the window of the plane.

Many days feel overwhelming, busy and super important. As I was looking out from the window I began thinking about how small and insignificant I am in the big picture of life. My worry and fears feel so big and so heavy and I am working so hard to make sure that everything goes just right. Is the house clean? Dishes put away? Lunches made? Kids social calendar full? Are we saving enough money? Are we spending enough quality time with our kids?

God reminded me that perspective means everything. When we pull back and view each day from the wide angle view you see things that you never saw before. You see the sun on the horizon with the cumulus clouds floating peacefully alongside. You see the mountain ranges capped with fresh snow and the lakes and rivers full of water. You see plots of land that look like a deck a playing cards spread out on the kitchen table. The houses look like tiny little dots. You can’t see the people and their hustle and bustle and busyness. From this view I feel peace and calm. I have a whole new perspective.

Sometimes it takes removing ourselves from what we know and are comfortable with in order to see clearly again. So many things can pollute or cloud our view. But when given a new, fresh perspective you are able to see things in a whole new light.

What if we lived life with that perspective? What if we choose to be kind and humble and took on a view of the whole pizza instead of our little small slice. What if that mindset led our decisions?

I get sucked into the daily grind regularly and it is so refreshing to be reminded that we are so much more and God wants to bless us with so much more. We just need to adjust our perspective and trust His lead.

Shine on!!

Action items:

  • Take inventory of your life - reflection and priorities
  • Where do you create margin?
  • When was the last time you felt most alive?

Our Story:

October 2018 we made a bold decision. I decided to stop working and stay at home with our three girls. This was a huge choice because it took us out of our financial comfort. We had no idea how we make up the loss in income but knew that I needed time to lean into what God wanted for my life.

October 2019 Matt and I attended a certification to become strength based parent coaches. It was one of the first times since I left my job that I felt flooded with excitement and hope around returning to the workforce. This time it would look different and feel different. In December we filed the paperwork to create Shine On Family LLC with the sole purpose of helping families find their joy, exchange the overwhelming pressure and fear of parenting into a journey filled with connection and happiness.

Kelly McGinnis, President
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