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What is the Working Parent Institute?

This institute is about providing the resources, training, and support to cause transformational shifts for working parents and the companies that are looking to retain this talented and unique demographic among their staff.

Working parents are among the most disengaged AND yet also some of the most valuable employees. The struggles of working parents affect key performance metrics, organizational culture, and organizational diversity.

We know that the parenting world is different for every parent. When parents can understand the dynamics of their home-life, they can have not only better home outcomes, but also healthier and happier work engagement.

Whatever the demands of a workplace, in the office or working from home, parents have unique needs. With effective support systems their output can increase exponentially in quality and quantity while also removing risk-factors for burnout-driven resignations.

We aim to help make such positive strengths-based impacts a reality for our clients.

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Learn About the Struggles of Working Parents


Because At Home and At Work, Working Parents are STRUGGLING

Why are working parents among the most disengaged AND valuable employees? How do the struggles of working parents affect key performance metrics, organizational culture, and organizational diversity?

Discover the trends, struggles, and potentials of working parents in Incredible Family's Report: The Plight of Working Parents.

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Not sure where to start? Discover Your Parenting Strengths

Take advantage of the opportunity to get to know your strengths with the Incredible Parent Strengths Assessment. Every article, webinar, podcast episode, and more that we offer is built upon a foundation of knowing and learning how to live into your strengths. It is an excellent first step for any working parent.

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What People Are Saying

Our client feedback speaks volumes.

"With all the "parenting" information out there, I rely on this organization because I know I can trust them to be experts!"

M. Chi

Company Client, Team Member

"Being new parents, the changes we experienced really put a strain on my marriage. I really needed this support for my marriage as much as I needed it as a parent." 


Company Client, Team Member

"I have enjoyed this experience. Thanks for bringing it to my company!"

N. Robbins

1:1 Coaching Client

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